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Looking to quit? Use the Quit NOW Referral Network

The Quit NOW Referral Network was developed by TPC to assist healthcare providers with providing proven, professional resources to help patients kick their addiction to tobacco. As a Preferred Provider with the QUIT NOW Referral Network, you will receive exclusive tobacco cessation services and materials.

How can I Become a QUIT NOW Preferred Provider?

If you are a Healthcare provider, Employer, or Organization, becoming a Quit Now Preferred Provider will be the first step in educating your colleagues and employees on the benefits of smoke-free living. 

By signing up to become a Preferred Provider you will get the following:

QUIT NOW Referral Toolkit which Includes:

  • QUIT NOW Fax Referral Forms
  • Indiana Tobacco Quitline Brochures
  • Pharmacotherapy Chart
  • Insurance Code Guide for Reimbursement
  • Tobacco Cessation Counseling Materials
  • Tobacco Cessation Posters

For more information on how to sign up or to have an informative presentation for your staff, please e-mail

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Tobacco Companies are after your children.

Here’s how:

Heavy marketing and discounting in convenience stores

Tobacco companies today spend more than 90 percent of their total marketing budget — nearly $10 billion a year — to advertise and promote their products in convenience stores, gas stations and other retail outlets. Tobacco companies pay stores billions to ensure that cigarettes and other tobacco products are advertised heavily, displayed prominently and priced cheaply to appeal to kids and current tobacco users. This marketing is very effective at reaching kids because two-thirds of teenagers visit a convenience store at least once a week. Studies have shown that exposure to tobacco marketing in stores and price discounts increase youth smoking.

Increased marketing of smokeless tobacco

Tobacco companies have significantly increased marketing of smokeless tobacco products, and they have introduced an array of colorfully-packaged and sweetly-flavored smokeless products, some of which look, taste and are packaged like candy. Since the 1998 settlement, smokeless tobacco marketing has skyrocketed by 277 percent to $547.9 million in 2008. In addition to marketing traditional chewing tobacco in kid-friendly flavors such as cherry, apple and citrus, tobacco companies have introduced new dissolvable and easily concealed tobacco products, called sticks, strips and orbs, that look like mints, breath strips and toothpicks.

Proliferation of cheap, sweet-flavored “little cigars”

Tobacco companies have introduced a growing number of smaller cigars, called little cigars or cigarillos, with sweet flavors, colorful packaging and cheap prices, all of which makes them appealing to kids. These products come in flavors such as peach, apple, grape and cherry and carry names such as “Swisher Sweets” and “Sugarillos.”

New versions of cigarette brands most popular with kids

Tobacco companies know that Marlboro, Newport and Camel are the three most popular cigarette brands among youth smokers. They keep these brands fresh and appealing by introducing new brand extensions such as Marlboro Black, Newport Red and Camel Crush.

Big Tobacco and Our Kids as Targets:

The tobacco industry has a long history of going to great lengths to target the African American community. Through market research and aggressive advertising, the industry has successfully penetrated this population. The tobacco industry has promoted cigarette flavors to attract African American youth by colorful marketing tactics and placing them for cheaper prices in certain neighborhoods.  Below are a few additional facts and resources about youth tobacco use:


  •      80% of all smokers start before the age of 18,

  •      9.6 of African American high school students smoked cigarettes

  •      16.7 of African American high school students smoked cigars or cigarollos

  •      Tobacco retailer intentionally market their products near schools  in minority or lower-income communities

  •      Each African American is exposed to 892  tobacco advertisement  yearly

  •      1.6 million African Americans alive today, who are now under the age of 18 will be become regular smokers and about 500,000 of these will die prematurely from a tobacco- related disease

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