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Matters of the Heart

The Matters of the Heart campaign is intended to show in a very real way how smoking and tobacco use doesn’t just effect the person who is using tobacco, but that it strikes at the heart of the health and well-being of everyone in the home and the family.


Yulanda's Story

Latonya's Story

Derek's Story

Yulanda, whose husband once said that, “…he wasn’t going to stop smoking because you have to die of something.” Sadly, he was right, after suffering a fatal stroke as a result of his tobacco use.

Despite their tremendous loss, they are putting their lives back together and sharing their story with others.

Latonya, who started smoking as a teenager. Her mom, dad and brother all smoked, too. And, because of her long-term tobacco use, she has since been diagnosed with diabetes.

She wanted her life back, made the decision to quit smoking, and today is living an active life with her family.

Derek, who is struggling to quit smoking…but keeps trying. He knows the secondhand smoke adversely affects his family, including his children. A former singer, he wants his son to grow up just like him, except that he doesn’t want him to smoke or use tobacco. Growing up, Derek remembers his father – who has since passed away – smoking a pipe and his mother on an oxygen tank. She was able to quit smoking and, now, she is challenging and supporting Derek as he works to quit.


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